SEARCH Presents, Group Netra Tarpana Activity. Netra Tarpana is an eye nourishing ayurvedic technique, found in Susruta and Sarangadhar Samhita.
Focused especially for those using spectacles, any one interested can try this procedure.
We request the interested ones to leave a comment here, so that we can provide you the application form.

Day 1 (Shrawan 13, Sunday) – Introduction, demo and initiation.
Day 2 – (Shrawan 14, Monday) – Continuation, experience sharing, and ending.
(The activity will go on whole day, according to the free time of volunteers and participants).

1. The participant must have complete knowledge of netra tarpana. It can be found in Bhaisajya kalpana book of Siddhinandan Mishra, and Sarangadhar Samhita, Uttar Sthana.
2. The ones wanting to volunteer must undergo a short training, so, they are to contact us no later than Thursday, 10th Shrawan. (Internees preferred)
3. Tarpana uses Mahatriphala Ghrita as the medicine, which is proven safe and effective. SEARCH team is not liable for the unexpected complicatons occured.
Thanking you, we request you all to be a part of this activity.

२०७५ श्रावन १३ आइतवार/ 2018 July 29 Sunday

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