• There is a need of the knowledge & benefits on Ayurveda system of medicines focussed to the large section of the peoples across the globe.
  • This is possible only if the evidence scattered are systematically collected and presented to design the baseline. Then only, the existing exhaustive research process based on that standard marker can be the explorative support to the nation.


  • To support Research and development on Ayurveda.
  • To make basic scientific exploration of Ayurveda system with interdisciplinary approaches.

Project Strategy:

  1. Human Resources aid to the Project (RESOURCE AID)
  2. Innovative Project


  1. Human Resources aid to the Project: This strategy includes:
  • Providing the remuneration/ stiffen for the human resources enrolled.
  • Cost of the travel, stationery and accessory cost will be beared by the Foundation itself.
  • Ethical Approval for the study will be facilitated by Foundation.
  • Dissemination program to be conducted by Foundation

      2. Innovative Project:

  1. The applicant is provided with all the rights related to the grant for the conduction of the project starting from the application to dissemination.
  2. The Evaluation team/ proposal selection committee of experts will decide for the Grant to the proposal.


  • Survey study  (human resources index in Ayurveda)
  • Therapeutically important Poisonous plants study
  • Literary research- Indigenous knowledge Study
  • Case study in Ayurveda.

Least Qualification: Enrolled in 3rd year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) or Allied sciences / biomedical sciences  Final year.

Application Guidelines
Online Applications should be submitted to the official mail address:

Applications should include the following:


Relevant skills, training, education, past experience of the investigator(s) to carry out the research. The human manpower aid will be provided with the training and relevant skills for the investigator.

Grant Amount
Each selected research proposal, awarded for NRS 15,000-25,000. The extent of the grant amount will be de able. The grant amount will be provided as per installment basis as per the term and condition.

The grant covers

  • The stipend of the human resources involved.
  • Travel, Stationary, and accessories cost.
  • Expenditure of the Dissemination program

Research illustration:

  • Study on the human resource manpower of Ayurveda.
  • Study on the use of poisonous plants (Upavisa) for the treatment purpose in Kirtipur district of Nepal.
  • A case study on plant poisoning reported on Emergency in Nepal.
  • A study on the Plant poison plants Upavisa on the postmortem report.
  • Critical appraisal of the rules and regulation of Nepal  Ayurveda Medical Council.
  • Critical appraisal of Medical jurisprudence and ethical laws related to Ayurveda Practitioners in Nepal.

Any queries to be forwarded to

Dr. Prerok Regmi

Terms and conditions

@IMDF Nepal


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